Sivun näyttöjä yhteensä

12. marraskuuta 2005

Problems of blogging

Had this difficulty: the blog would not consent to publish. There were errors and an echortation to contact the Support. The Support told by e-mail they really do not care and advised me to use "Help".

My son mentioned about MS Word, the tricky devil. And that was it. I had been stupid enough to use text with styles and footnotes. Taking it using Windows Clipboard does not sound very wise either.

I hearby recant and go back to ASCII - an old measure. Empty to content of Clipboard to an ASCII-editor, save as ASCII, open, use the clean text. Ultra-Edit is good and funy to use. NoteTab is not bad, either.

Last summer I used a very substantial amount of things concerning the 92 000 KIAs, soldier killed in action in Finland 1939 - 1944. I used exactly this method to clean the HTML and put in the formatting needed for Excel and the statiscs program SPLL.

You always get stuck with elementary things like making Excel believe you really want the numbers in separate columns. An easy way to do this is put tabs in the ASCII-text and then use the Clipboard. Presto!

Well - I do not believe anybody else would be interested, but I have all the 92 000 in alphabet in a file per regiment or corresponding larger unit.