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11. huhtikuuta 2007

Kemppinen back in business

Teide and MacDonalds.

One of these watches costs a cool eur. 120 000


As you see, nothing special, except fine weather, long walks and general well-being.

Please, do not mistake. The place is devoid of interest but the scenery is unique. For just letting your hair down this is fine. You can walk for hours without getting any place, because you are not in any place.

That's fine. Then again, another week might have begun rapid spiritual decomposition.

To be continued.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Rather alarming - (2) Results for english word: "decomposition"
    1 decomposition dekomponointi
    2 decomposition mätäneminen.

    Look at the zenith of global spiritual decomposition - and you will find only others there.

    Have fun. Taste one glass (just one, but of reasonable size) of Sangria in the evenings for the well being of your stomach.

    best regards

  2. Goodbye blue monday!