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29. syyskuuta 2005

Notice on copyright

In case someone would wonder - in Europe we have quotation right in our Copyright Acts. It is a common misunderstanding that quoting a whole poem would be an infringement. That is not true. The law says that permissable quotation shall be made accorging to good (established) practice and in length demanded by the purpose.

Writing about poems the purpose is to show the integral text.

It also is a misunderstanding that there would be a rule against quoting more than three (or four) bars of music. It is not true. There is no such law. There are no such precedents.

I am supposed to know, because I was an appellate judge for 10 years and before that a law clerk many years and handled practically all copyright matters brought to court.

In continental European law perimission of the copyright-holder is not needed for quotation.

This should be evident. In science qutoations abound and should be a sign of honesty. You tell, what some moron has written about - say - copyright in order to proove he is wrong. To do this you have to print his argumentation.

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